2018-19 Game Resources

  • Game Notes
  • NHL Stats: Full NHL daily stats package
  • Press Clips: Sabres game-day news clips
  • Game Stats: Final box score
  • Line Chart: Both teams’ lines as of pregame warmups (home games only)
  • Post-Game Report: Link to post-game report on Digital Press Box (home games only)

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(Updated 4/5/18)
Highs, Lows & Streaks
The Last Time…
Individual Stats Breakdown
PR-1 9/17 at Columbus Game Notes NHL Stats Press Clips Game Summary
PR-2 9/18 vs. Pittsburgh Game Notes NHL Stats Press Clips Game Summary Line Chart
PR-3 9/21 at Toronto Game Notes NHL Stats Press Clips Game Summary
PR-4 9/22 vs. Toronto Game Notes NHL Stats Press Clips
PR-5 9/25 vs. Columbus
PR-6 9/26 at Pittsburgh
PR-7 9/28 at NY Islanders
RE-1 10/4 vs. Boston
RE-2 10/6 vs. NY Rangers
RE-3 10/8 vs. Vegas
RE-4 10/11 vs. Colorado
RE-5 10/13 at Arizona
RE-6 10/16 at Vegas
RE-7 10/18 at San Jose
RE-8 10/20 at Los Angeles
RE-9 10/21 at Anaheim
RE-10 10/25 vs. Montreal
RE-11 10/27 at Columbus
RE-12 10/30 vs. Calgary
RE-13 11/1 at Ottawa
RE-14 11/3 vs. Ottawa
RE-15 11/4 at NY Rangers
RE-16 11/8 at Montreal
RE-17 11/10 vs. Vancouver
RE-18 11/13 vs. Tampa Bay
RE-19 11/16 at Winnipeg
RE-20 11/17 at Minnesota
RE-21 11/19 at Pittsburgh
RE-22 11/21 vs. Philadelphia
RE-23 11/23 vs. Montreal
RE-24 11/24 at Detroit
RE-25 11/27 vs. San Jose
RE-26 11/29 at Tampa Bay
RE-27 11/30 at Florida
RE-28 12/3 at Nashville
RE-29 12/4 vs. Toronto
RE-30 12/8 vs. Philadelphia
RE-31 12/11 vs. Los Angeles
RE-32 12/13 vs. Arizona
RE-33 12/15 at Washington
RE-34 12/16 at Boston
RE-35 12/18 vs. Florida
RE-36 12/21 at Washington
RE-37 12/22 vs. Anaheim
RE-38 12/27 at St. Louis
RE-39 12/29 vs. Boston
RE-40 12/321 vs. NY Islanders
RE-41 1/3 vs. Florida
RE-42 1/5 at Boston
RE-43 1/8 vs. New Jersey
RE-44 1/11 at Carolina
RE-45 1/12 vs. Tampa Bay
RE-46 1/14 at Edmonton
RE-47 1/16 at Calgary
RE-48 1/18 at Vancouver
RE-49 1/29 at Columbus
RE-50 1/30 at Dallas
RE-51 2/1 vs. Chicago
RE-52 2/5 vs. Minnesota
RE-53 2/7 vs. Carolina
RE-54 2/9 vs. Detroit
RE-55 2/10 vs. Winnipeg
RE-56 2/12 vs. NY Islanders
RE-57 2/15 vs. NY Rangers
RE-58 2/17 at New Jersey
RE-59 2/19 at Florida
RE-60 2/21 at Tampa Bay
RE-61 2/23 vs. Washington
RE-62 2/25 at Toronto
RE-63 2/26 at Philadelphia
RE-64 3/1 vs. Pittsburgh
RE-65 3/2 at Toronto
RE-66 3/4 vs. Edmonton
RE-67 3/7 at Chicago
RE-68 3/9 at Colorado
RE-69 3/12 vs. Dallas
RE-70 3/14 vs. Pittsburgh
RE-71 3/16 at Carolina
RE-72 3/17 vs. St. Louis
RE-73 3/20 vs. Toronto
RE-74 3/23 at Montreal
RE-75 3/25 at New Jersey
RE-76 3/26 at Ottawa
RE-77 3/28 vs. Detroit
RE-78 3/30 at NY Islanders
RE-79 3/31 vs. Columbus
RE-80 4/2 vs. Nashville
RE-81 4/4 vs. Ottawa
RE-82 4/6 at Detroit