Accounts renewed by June 23 will include a 6.5% rebate; SabreBucks will be accepted at HARBORCENTER

BUFFALO, N.Y. (May 7, 2014) – The Buffalo Sabres today announced the prices for season-ticket packages for the 2014-15 season. The prices for season tickets have increased by 4% from 2013-14, which amounts to roughly $1 to $4 more per game, depending on seat location, but will remain among the most affordable in the NHL.

“We are grateful to our fans for their incredible loyalty and patience through a challenging season,” said Sabres president Ted Black. “It’s important to us to balance the affordability of our tickets against the opportunity to qualify for League revenue sharing.”

Accordingly, as an added benefit this year, Season Ticket Holders can earn up to a 6.5% rebate, which is added to their SabreBucks card, if their account is renewed by June 23. Season Ticket Holders will receive a 2.5% rebate on their SabreBucks card if the account is renewed after June 23. SabreBucks cards can be redeemed for concessions and merchandise at First Niagara Center, as well as at HARBORCENTER and its facilities when it opens this fall.

“To show our appreciation for our loyal Season Ticket Holders, we’re pleased to offer an additional 4% rebate along with the other benefits that they have enjoyed for years,” said Sabres VP of Tickets and Services John Sinclair. “We feel this additional rebate will not only mitigate the effects of the price increase, but also provide our Season Ticket Holders with a significant benefit and opportunity to experience HARBORCENTER during its inaugural season.”

The season-ticket package for 2014-15 includes 41 regular-season Buffalo Sabres games, three preseason Buffalo Sabres games, as well as a Rochester Americans game and the CCM/USA All-American Prospects Game, which takes place Sept. 25, at First Niagara Center.

Sabres Season Ticket Holders will continue to receive the following benefits:

  • Significant savings off box office prices
  • 2.5% rebate in the form of SabreBucks (increases to 6.5% if renewed by June 23)
  • 20% savings off merchandise at the Sabres Store by showing your SabreBucks card
  • Ability to purchase regular-season and playoff tickets before the general public
  • Exclusive season ticket offers for Sabres, Bandits and First Niagara Center events

Current season-ticket holders will be receiving their renewal packages via mail over the next week. A 10% deposit is required by Monday, June 23 in order to secure your current seat location.

There are four payment options for season ticket holders:

  • Mail completed invoice with the envelope included with your invoice
  • Fax completed invoice to (716) 855-4133
  • Contact Account Services at 1-888-GO-SABRES to complete payment over the phone

Renew online at

Below is a complete breakdown of season ticket prices for 2014-15:

Price level 2013-14




2014-15 Total

(46 games)




Per Seat

200 Club $103.00 $107.00 $4,477.00 $170.00 $4.00
200 Ends $86.00 $89.00 $3,739.00 $129.00 $3.00
100 Pref. Rinkside $93.00 $97.00 $4,067.00 $170.00 $4.00
100 II Rinkside $75.00 $78.00 $3,288.00 $129.00 $3.00
100 III Rinkside $63.00 $66.00 $2,796.00 $129.00 $3.00
100 Preferred $77.00 $80.00 $3,370.00 $129.00 $3.00
100 Level II $62.00 $64.00 $2,696.00 $88.00 $2.00
100 Level III $48.00 $50.00 $2,104.00 $85.00 $2.00
100 Level IV $42.00 $44.00 $1,858.00 $85.00 $2.00
300 Level I $45.00 $47.00 $1,981.00 $97.00 $2.00
300 Level II $33.00 $34.00 $1,433.00 $44.00 $1.00
300 Level III $26.00 $27.00 $1,146.00 $44.00 $1.00
300 Level IV $26.00 $27.00 $1,146.00 $44.00 $1.00

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