BUFFALO, N.Y. (February 13, 2013) — The Buffalo Sabres today announced the launch of a new program that offers fans a chance to purchase last-minute tickets to the team’s home games at First Niagara Center. The “Sabres Standby” program will give fans an opportunity to be part of a queue of potential ticket-buyers that are eligible to purchase from a limited quantity of tickets for Sabres home games. Starting at 7 p.m. today, fans can sign up to be part of the queue for Friday’s home game versus the Boston Bruins.

As part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, every NHL team is required to reserve an increased number of tickets for players, referees and league officials. When these tickets go unused, they become available for purchase the day of the scheduled home game. The Sabres Standby program was designed as an efficient way to alert fans to these additional tickets and gives them the opportunity to purchase last-minute tickets for games that may have been sold out for weeks.

To be eligible for the Sabres Standby program, fans will be required to sign up at www.sabres.com/standby. While Sabres Standby will be available for all home games, fans will only be able to sign up beginning 48 hours prior to each desired home game. Enrollment will consist of providing verified contact information, first and second option seating locations, desired price range and number of tickets requested. After enrolling, patrons will be sent a confirmation message with further instructions on when they will be contacted with potential ticket options.

Once the ticket holds have been lifted on the day of the desired home game, fans enrolled in the Sabres Standby program will be contacted on a first-come, first-served basis with information on how to complete their order. Patrons who are selected will have a 30-minute window to accept or reject the ticket order and orders will be filled until the entire ticket inventory is exhausted. As a reference point, tickets for home games with a 7 p.m. start time should be released that afternoon by 1 p.m.

A Sabres customer service representative will serve as a game-day concierge to assist with the process and a dedicated phone line will be available for patrons to respond to Sabres Standby inquiries.

The first Sabres home game to utilize this new program will be the team’s game against Boston on Friday, Feb. 15. Fans can begin enrolling in Sabres Standby, beginning at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 13, to become eligible to purchase the limited number of remaining tickets for Friday’s game.

More information on the program and the Sabres Standby process can be found by visiting www.sabres.com/standby.

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