One-week merchandise sales numbers eclipsed amount sold during entire 2011-12 season

BUFFALO, N.Y. (January 24, 2013) — The Buffalo Sabres today announced that last week’s Fan Appreciation Sale at the Sabres Store helped to set up a week of record-breaking sales. Through the seven-day sale, the Sabres Store sold nearly 50,000 pieces of merchandise, the most the team has ever sold in such a short period of time and a total that was greater than the amount sold during the entire 2010-11 Sabres’ season.

“It was stunning and humbling to witness the extraordinary volume of fans who were able to participate in the Fan Appreciation Sale,” said Sabres President Ted Black.  “There were times when we had to pull staff from accounting, ticket sales and marketing to work the registers.  Kim Pegula even took a shift.”

As part of the record volume of sales, the Sabres Store sold more than 8,000 jerseys and 9,000 hats.

“Our original idea was that this sale would be a way for us to thank the fans,” Black said. “We are so fortunate that Buffalo Sabres fans remain intensely proud to wear our logo.  The community pride in the Sabres brand means more to our organization than words can describe.

“Anyone who came by the arena last week can attest to the fact that the store was the busiest that it’s ever been. Not enough praise can be heaped upon our employees in the Sabres Store and the folks in other departments who jumped over the boards to help and who worked every day to keep shelves stocked and fans happy.”

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